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Project overview

Though prostate cancer strikes one in six men, early detection saves thousands of lives. For men concerned about their personal risk of contracting a serious prostate-related condition, this public service site provides in-depth medical information and makes individual, pattern-based risk predictions.

This site was a public service of the The Artificial Neural Networks in Prostate Cancer Project (ANNs in CaP). The site provides online tools for medical diagnosis and prognosis based on artificial intelligence techniques.

Risk predictions are determined when visitors select and input their basic medical information to each of the risk calculators, then simply click "Predict risk." Their virtual prognosis appears instantly. The site's clear, targeted design and easy-to-follow format put users at ease and provide fast, linked access to additional medical sites, news and articles, and archives.

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What does ANNs in CAP do?

Anns in CAP develops and implements novel artificial intelligence technologies to improve the diagnosis of and therapy for prostate cancer. Specifically, they:

  • Improve the sensitivity and specificity of existing diagnostic tests.
  • Develop new diagnostic modalities.
  • Develop methods for better predicting the outcomes of prostate cancer therapies.
  • Improve the understanding of the biology and natural history of prostate cancer. 

The ANNs in CAP project brings together leaders in the fields of prostate cancer and artificial intelligence to produce scholarly writings for the advancement of science and to develop practical tools to improve the health and quality of life of prostate cancer patients.

The researchers continually improve this service by building neural network calculators with larger patient database and improved models. New versions are posted on this web site as they become available.

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