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Comprehensive site provides quick access to current information on cancer. Information is continually reviewed and revised by oncology experts. Go to overview of prostate cancer, and treatments. Access the Physician Data Query database. For both medical professionals and the general reader.
(Source: National Cancer Institute, part of National Institutes of Health, U.S. government)

Authoritative resource of information on prostate cancer, including an overview of basic biology, treatment options and statistics. Starting point for dealing with family or other issues that may arise after a cancer diagnosis.
(Source: Nonprofit site. ACS is the largest cancer organization in the country)

Various cross-referenced articles with general information, diagnosis, treatment, and coping. Includes reading list.
(Source: Institute for Cancer Studies, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.)

Quick overview that can be read in less than half an hour. Many annotated links to other sites. Easy to understand. Accommodates the visually impaired.
(Source: Privately produced by Bill Dyckes)

Cancer info, CaP Cure funded research, news and clinical trials
(Source: Private foundation, Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate (founded by Michael Milken) Santa Monica, CA)

Few general articles and message boards.
(Source: WebMD Corporation (Nasdaq:HLTH). Advertiser supported.)

Organized from a patient's perspective. "Encyclopedia of information about the disease, its treatment and information from some of the best docs around."
(Source: Privately produced by Don Cooley, San Jose CA)

Various information, categorized by topic, in multiple languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Hebrew).
(Source: Privately produced by Darryl Mitteldorf, NY, NY)

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